What is a social entrepreneur?

A social entrepreneur is a person that understands what a social problem is and uses their skills to organize and manage the leadership to change.

If we compare this to someone who is a business entrepreneur this person really just measures performance when considering profits and returns.  Social entrepreneurs focus mainly on building social capital.  So when we look at the goals of a social entrepreneur really they are looking to further environmental and social goals.

One need look at social entrepreneurs you would think that they are mostly associated with non-profit organizations but this is not always the case.  Sometimes they are in it for the profit.


Who are These People

Social entrepreneurs are people that think with innovation and tried to solve many social problems.  Normally these people are very ambitious and they love to fix large social issues while offering solutions for large scale change.

Social entrepreneurs do not rely on the government’s for change instead they use their own abilities to look for ways to make change.

Most social entrepreneurs have ideas that are considered to be user friendly, easy to understand, ethically sound and will often seek others to support their ideas to force social change.  They also are known for seeking out powerful people with authority to help seal the change.

Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are driven by social means in an organization that use strategies that are market based to reach a common social purpose.  This movement will include both non-profit models and also for profit models.  The common goal here is to achieve targets that are either environmental or social which also can be financial.

Social enterprises are therefore in it for the profit but also they are distinctive due to use their social or environmental strategy which is the basis of their operation.